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Go ahead….play with your food!

Foodie Photo Shoot

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The last couple of days have delightfully been spent playing with food! In preparing for a  foodie photo shoot, I have been busy cutting, chopping baking, whipping and cooking!

With clients getting more creative with their food, we as Chef’s, Caterers, and Culinary Professionals need to stay fresh and continue to deliver simply good food that will also be “entertaining”. That makes it necessary for us to play with our food — try new things — invent interesting culinary offerings — create outside of the norm! I find that a photo shoot is a great way to explore that creativity through styling and photography.

An ever-evolving food trend is miniature anything — you see new ways to “change it up” sprouting up all the time!  Whether it is miniature corn dog pops, caprese-on-a-stick, or a miniature guacamole tort, micro portions of a variety of your favorite foods is a great way to offer a variety to your guests, and have some fun along the way. A number one favorite comfort food is  Mac ‘n Cheese, which has been done many different delicious ways: deep-fried as a lollipop and the ooey, gooey and bubbly delight tucked into small ramekins ideal for one…all dressed up with decadent ingredients like truffles and exotic cheeses that intensify the flavor and tickle the taste buds.

The Shoot is designed to show off “food”…not a lot fuss, decor or accoutrements, but just up close and personal shots of great food that will have your taste buds on high alert!  I guess you can say it is ….food for thought…

Stay tuned for my Micro Meatloaf with Creamy Piped Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes! Perfect menu item for a Girl’s Night In…comfort without the guilt!

I will be sure to share the photos from the shoot once we have completed the project.



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Providing culinary creations since 1986 throughout Southern California. Centrally based in the Palm Springs desert in Palm Desert, Chef KK provides stellar catering services for weddings and other special events. Her Gourmet-on-the-Go offerings are perfect for a simplified catered affaire!

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