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baking up holiday memories!

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This is my favorite time of year! It definitely brings back fond memories of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. My grandmother and I used to spend our days baking and canning for the holiday season — making a delicious assortment of cookies and homemade jams and mustards. We also enlisted the help of our family and friends in the process by asking everyone to save all their “new shoe” boxes for us from throughout the year. First, we would collect all the shoe boxes and neatly line them with foil…then we would decoratively dress the outside of the boxes with festive wrapping paper. Once the creative process was complete…we were on to making our divine delights! The air would fill with the aroma from hundreds of our sweet little treasures baking in the oven. We would take 3 or 4 of our favorite flavors and nestled them down into our holiday boxes. The bows and ribbons were the finishing touch! Since the weather was always brisk this time of year, the back porch was the perfect home to store our holiday packages. The packages didn’t last long though — friends and family always delighted in receiving our “shoe box” of goodies. We loved to share with the neighbors and often carried a box along with us when visiting around town.

I still carry on these cherished traditions every year! I enjoy the walk down memory lane, as I smell my catering kitchen fill with the wonderful aromas of snickerdoodles, snowballs, biscotti, sugar cookies and my grandmother’s “ranger cookies”. Cookie platters are a way that I say thank you to clients this time of year. My canning and jarring continues too, which have made great Wedding Favors or Welcome Basket items for destination weddings. My signature line includes and array of Artisan Mustards and other condiments: Cowboy Mustard and Champagne Mustard; Fresh Roasted Salsas; Berry Jams and Apple Butter.

Do you have a favorite family cookie recipe that you would like to share? Maybe you have a cookie recipe that you created? What’s your “all time” best cookie recipe ever?

If you would like more information on how you can discover the yumminess of my Signature products, please contact me @ 760.568.9681

Homemade Goodies from Chef KK


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Providing culinary creations since 1986 throughout Southern California. Centrally based in the Palm Springs desert in Palm Desert, Chef KK provides stellar catering services for weddings and other special events. Her Gourmet-on-the-Go offerings are perfect for a simplified catered affaire!

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