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The Oscars…

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The Oscar parties are some of the most elaborate and fun events to plan and attend! In years past Katherine King was steeped in that Oscar excitement when she catered two of the famed Governor’s Ball soirees. The energy and buzz in the kitchen was over the top while creating 1750 plates of artful culinary creations to be served to the “it” crowd of Hollywood! There was a tent just for the dessert team to design their delicious sweet treats. A plated tuile filled with Bavarian cream, fresh berries, and creme anglaise — who wouldn’t like that! Of course, each year there was a new menu, but it still enveloped the senses and delighted all that lifted their fork.

This year, was a different kind of celebration completely unlike the Oscar parties. An event made up of international rising stars in the technology, entertainment, and design fields converging on Palm Springs for a week of inspiring key-note speakers, exploring the desert and all it has to offer, and evening events designed to create a casual and engaging vibe.

Chef KK created a casual BBQ menu for the TED Conference attendees this past Oscar night held at The Lucy House in Palm Springs. With 200 guests in attendance, Chef KK brought out the open-air grill to whip up juicy sliders for hungry guests. A combination of lean beef, chicken, salmon, and of course, veggie sliders were served alongside fresh accompaniments such as coleslaw, green salad, and much more. The finishing touch was an eclectic ice cream sundae bar with rich hot fudge sauce and a collection of wonderful little sweets to sprinkle over top was the perfect “topping” to the night. Certainly not as hectic as producing the Oscar’s catered events, but it did have a few little thrills! Adding an extra 50 unexpected guests at the last-minute, and having all 200 show up over an hour early…and hungry! The entire group was so gracious and easy-going — it was a true delight.

So, whether it is an over-the-top event for Hollywood or other high-powered group, or a wonderfully casual event locally based, Chef KK has what it takes to make your next event a “good food” memory!


Author: katherine king catering

Providing culinary creations since 1986 throughout Southern California. Centrally based in the Palm Springs desert in Palm Desert, Chef KK provides stellar catering services for weddings and other special events. Her Gourmet-on-the-Go offerings are perfect for a simplified catered affaire!

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